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Ludic is a clothing brand for babies and kids (aged 0-12).

Our clothing pieces are embodying the use of natural, organic fabrics and illustrated elements and messages.

They aspire to convey wholehearted ideas of who all children are, how an ideal world should look like, and bring to mind the adults' inner child as well...

Ludic collections aim for basic pieces, reinterpreted to create a unique style: bright colors and prints, inspired by a child's spirit and illustrated by romanian "ludic" designers.

On top, a sprinkle of nostalgia for the clothes that us, the parents, used to grow up in.


LUDIC : of, relating to, or characterized by play : PLAYFUL

Did You Know?

Here's a serious word, just for fun. That is to say, it means "fun," but it was created in all seriousness around 1940 by psychologists. They wanted a term to describe what children do, and they came up with "ludic activity." That may seem ludicrous - why not just call it "playing"? - but the word ludic caught on, and it's not all child's play anymore. It can refer to architecture that is playful, narrative that is humorous and even satirical, and literature that is light. "Ludic" is ultimately from the Latin noun ludus, which refers to a whole range of fun things - stage shows, games, sports, even jokes. 


The comfort of your little ones is our top priority, so we use the softest, organic fabrics and only certified kids-friendly dyes. We strive to create quality pieces that last, and that can sustain multiple life cycles and can be passed on to family or friends.

Our fabrics are GOTS certified. This label defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well (including no child labor, fair wages, normal working hours and safe working environment).


All Ludic pieces are made locally,  with a lot of attention to details and in a sustainable way, in our home town, Timisoara. 

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